Your IT help desk – a business process trailblazer?

Help desk software – powerful business process automation?

In the last six months, some of our more forward looking customers have begun to exploit their Vector HelpDesk implementations in new ways, totally outside their original scope. Our foundation Issue Tracker architecture is configured with ‘Project Templates’ which contain the workflows, notifications, tabbed views, etc, which together create the required functionality. So, a Vector HelpDesk installation is an Issue Tracker installation layered with the HelpDesk template. All elements of that template are then customizable to reflect exactly how the organization wants their IT help desk to function.

Customers have the rights to create new Project templates, and many do so by taking the HelpDesk template as their starting point and modifying it. Examples close to the help desk and still under the general ITIL /SAM umbrella include Change Management and License Management. Further away there are examples in Security Incident Handling, Claims Handling, Customer Assistance, Compliance Issue Resolution and many more.

Help desk concepts – common to most business processes

What is so interesting in this is that there are surprisingly few core building blocks of functionality shared by such a wide range of applications. Workflows have to support the concepts of delegation, collaboration and authorization – and ultimately individual and corporate accountability. Actions are triggered by any combination of other actions, parameters reaching thresholds, or time. Performance is measured in terms of the quality of the outcome and the time in which it was achieved.

The IT help desk has never had a glamorous image, but in recent years has had to become much more sophisticated in its workflow management, and in how it tracks and charges for its services. You may find you have a technical foundation already in place with which you can evolve new levels of automation and innovation for your organization.