VIZOR - IT Asset Management Software

VIZOR is a ITIL Best Practice IT Asset Management and IT Service Management software solution that reduces costs, improves processes and centralizes information.

IT Asset Management

Gain visibility of all details related to your IT assets including inventory data, supplier information, related documentation and employee allocations. Easily manage IT purchases, agreements, maintenance contracts and the complete lifecycle of your assets.

IT Service Management

ITIL helpdesk issue tracking solution ideal for both IT end user and customer support. Out-of-the-box functionality facilitates ITIL certified best practices for incident and request management.

Chromebook Management

VIZOR facilitates Chromebook Distribution to Students, 1:1 (one to one) Programs, Repair Management and Check-in/out loan processes. Financial information relating to Chromebooks such as purchase details, warranties and chargebacks can also be managed with VIZOR.

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PC-Duo® Remote Support

PC-Duo provides secure, fast and reliable remote access to remote computers, servers and equipment. PC-Duo reliability and performance makes it ideal for security-sensitive and mission critical enterprise environments.

Secure Remote Support for Enteprises

PC-Duo Remote Control is built from the ground up with a security focus to satisfy the strongest security compliance regimes with features such as end-to-end encryption, session recording and multi factor authentication.

On-Demand Remote Worker Support

PC-Duo enables rapid on-demand remote support sessions without the need to install additional software on the remote device. On-demand is ideally suited for organizations requiring fast and secure support of remote workers.

Remote Worker Office Connectivity

PC-Duo for Remote Workers provides an secure way for employees to access their office computer from their home. Employees can use any personal or company supplied device with a web browser to access their work computer.

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About Vector Networks

Improving organizations through IT

Vector Networks is recognized as an innovative leader in IT Asset and Service Management for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first by delivering on quality and investing our time into improving their organizations through IT. Our products are trusted in a wide range of industries including education, finance, healthcare, government and government consulting sectors.

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