PC-Duo is an enterprise class Remote Support solution

PC-Duo Remote Support software for Security-sensitive and mission critical environments

PC-Duo is a highly trusted and award winning remote control solution by Vector Networks. PC-Duo provides secure, fast and reliable remote access to remote computers, servers and equipment.

The PC-Duo architecture is uniquely suited to organizations requiring remote control in security-sensitive and mission critical environments. PC-Duo is ideal for secure remote support of conventional PCs, thin client devices and virtualized desktops (VDI) environments.

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PC-Duo Gateway

Remote Support Software designed for Enterprise needs


PC-Duo is built from the ground up with a security focus to satisfy the strongest security compliance regimes with features such as end-to-end encryption, session recording and multi factor authentication.

Central Management

The PC-Duo gateway architecture provides secure centralized configuration and security management of remote desktops and servers from an intuitive central console.


PC-Duo provides a consistent remote support experience across a heterogeneous environment of conventional PCs, terminal services thin clients and VDI virtualized desktops.

PC-Duo - Pioneer in Secure, Fast and Reliable Remote Support Software for Over 25 Years.

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Best in class Remote Control feature-set

Web and Windows consoles

Take control of devices from a native Windows console or any web browser using HTML 5.

On-demand Agentless Option

Agentless option is available for rapid on-demand remote support sessions.

End-to-end encryption

PC-Duo transfers data using strong end-to-end (E2EE) 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.

Multi factor authentication

Support for on-premise and cloud-based Microsoft Azure Active Directory tenants and multi-factor authentication.

Session recording

Remote access session recording provides an uniquely accurate auditing and traceability capability satisfying security compliance requirements.

Thin Client / VDI

Unique capabilities for VMware, Citrix and Terminal Server thin client and VDI remote sessions.


Gateway architecture enables traversing complex firewall configurations without port forwarding or opening VPN.

Ease of use

Perfect screen scaling, clipboard sharing, drag and drop file transfer and print capture enable unparalleled ease of use.


Always-on remote support of attended and unattended remote computers, servers, machinery and equipment.

PC-Duo Customer Stories

PC-Duo is deployed in many verticals around the world. PC-Duo owns a specific niche of organizations requiring remote control in security-sensitive and mission critical environments.

One standard PC-Duo Master UI provides access to any system, with all PC-Duo’s proven functionality such as shared connection for team working, file transfer, multi-monitor support, session recording and replay."

Jos Schulte, Head of IT, Hengelo Municipality.

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