OEM Technology

Much of Vector’s leading asset and service management technology is available for OEM users. This can either be at a total solution level, such as a re-badged implementation of Issue Tracker, or at component level – such as the software usage measurement technology including PC agent software and server-based analysis code.

Our solutions are based largely on .NET technology and ASP and can be modified relatively easily to fit into different solution frameworks.

Functionality available includes –

  • Network device discovery and mapping. This component is way ahead of most of the competition in the asset management space in the way it maps PCs to specific ports where they are connected to managed devices. This functionality is normally found only in larger network management suites.
  • PC device discovery – including interactive reporting of discovery progress.
  • Hardware inventory – using more than just WMI calls, this provides comprehensive system configuration information.
  • Configuration Profiling and Diagnostics. This powerful technology is available as a standalone solution and can be re-badged to form the basis of a powerful configuration monitoring product. Application areas include monitoring system configurations for compliance with the requirements of governance frameworks such as HIPPA.
  • Software Inventory. Vector’s Software Identification Manager is unique in applying a three-stage process to maximize the accuracy and completeness of software identification.
  • HelpDesk and its Issue Tracker foundation are very easily re-badged and customized to any commercial or IT issue tracking or workflow management requirement.
  • LANdeploy. Vector’s general purpose application deployment utility can become the foundation for automated silent deployment of an application or software agent.

Licensing schemes range from object-only to full (non-exclusive) source ownership.

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