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IT Asset Management Trends to Watch : AI, Automation, Cloud-based Solutions, Cybersecurity, and Analytics

As always organizations of all sizes are looking to reduce costs and optimize processes. As a cost center, IT, and managing I [...]

Coronavirus: How to Prepare for Remote Work in your Organization

If your organization never had remote workers, it’s possible that there are no processes in place to allow this. As a resul [...]

Can IoT Improve Your Quality of Life?

This is the second and last part of Vector Networks attending the IT Connect Conference. If you missed the first article, [...]

Has a cyber attack affected your business…yet?

Last month, Vector Networks attended the IT Connect Conference at Champlain College in Lambert, Montreal. This year’s topic [...]

Shadow IT & Managing SaaS Spend

Many employees have the tendency to sign up for online cloud tools right when they need them, as it is seemingly a quick and [...]

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IT Asset Lifecycle, Purchases, Manage Equipment Loans, Automated Alerts and ConfigMgr Integration.