Top 5 IT Tasks to Automate

IT managers and workers should take advantage of automated tasks, as they are often busy with numerous responsibilities throughout their day to day work. Many systems are now available that boast automation in software requesting, deployment, and provisioning. Here are our top five tasks that should be automated to improve the quality and time spent in accomplishing IT work.

1. Requesting software
Using an automated system to request new software can be a huge help to IT. When software is deployed through a request system, it ensures that all the software on your network is meant to be used and has been specifically required. In turn, this can save your organization money because software that is unnecessary is not being deployed. Automated software requesting is a great way to save time and money, while providing continuity between systems of different departments.

2. Requesting hardware
Hardware requests can come up in a number of different situations throughout the firm, from battery replacement to laptop repairs to headset configuration. Automating the process of requesting these hardware parts or fixes can be done through a system such as Vizor, in order to streamline the process and make all required changes happen as quickly as possible. No more waiting around all day without a USB key or a mouse!

3. Creating accounts
This is a critical task to complete when hiring new employees, and can often be one of the most time-consuming. New hires can get instant access to all required systems with automated account creation. This allows them to be productive from day one, rather than spending their entire first day on the job waiting around for IT to provide system and asset access. Automated account creation also provides the added benefit of extra security with employee accounts.

4. Employees leaving
When employees leave the organization, it can be a hassle to figure out which assets they were using and how to de-provision them, plus how to restrict their access. An automated asset management system like Vizor allows the user to quickly and easily terminate accounts and access to systems when employees leave. In addition, access can be restricted to emails and sensitive documents if required.

5. Employees changing roles
If an employee changes roles within the organization, their assets and permissions can get slightly mixed up. When resources are no longer needed for an employee based on their role, they can be assigned to someone else automatically through a system. Harvesting licenses to the pool in the organization is crucial so that money and resources are not wasted should an employee move into a new role. Automation allows for simple re-harvesting or re-deployment of licenses and assets to other roles or employees with Vizor.

There you have it! Although many IT tasks can be automated, these five are the most beneficial and impactful ones that you can choose to automate within your IT department. Make your work simpler with automation, and you’ll save a surprising amount of time and money! Check out our Vizor system for these automation features and more.

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