Vector’s Asset Locator: Data Protection Summit, Irvine, March 11 – 13

I read the post from Adrian’s CTO’s Blog yesterday about the Data Protection Summit at the Hilton, Irvine March 11 – 13, and it reminded me to mention that Vector’s Asset Locator will be the main rationale for Kevin Kiley, our VP Sales Americas, coming over from Atlanta for the event to rub shoulders with other attendees and hear about the challenges they face.

The sessions are weighted toward encryption and other technologies that protect data itself, but we expect that many attendees will have a broader responsibility that embraces the prevention of loss and theft of IT assets, particularly the ubiquitous laptop with 100+ Gbyte of spare disk space for confidential data.

Asset Locator uses various location technologies to provide as rich a real-time picture as possible of hardware asset location. It should be regarded as a component of a comprehensive data and asset protection strategy. And rather than viewing it solely as a point solution for asset loss and theft prevention, we view Locator as an opportunity to introduce Asset Location information in support of Asset Management and Service Management functions.

We think these synergies are important; they make for too big a topic for a blog post, so there is a white paper on this theme on which we would value comments.

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