Why Vector Networks Hosted IT Vision Conference 2018

On November 9th 2018, Vector Networks hosted a business and technology conference, IT Vision 2018, at Palais des congrès de Montréal

How It All Started
At the beginning of 2018, while reviewing our yearly goals and initiatives, it was decided that we wanted to better serve our customers, who work in IT, by informing ourselves on how they will adopt emerging technology, like Machine Learning and IoT, in their workplace. That way we can evolve our products and services to their changing needs.

With that in mind, we sought a conference that addressed how IT professionals are currently preparing for emerging technology- whether it be how to communicate with C-Levels about the benefits of the technology or how to adapt their roles to new processes. We figured, if organizations are adopting more technology in their practices, they should also be preparing their employees that will be responsible for it- the IT departments. Right?

To our dismay, we found many conferences that focused on connecting IT buyers and vendors, but none that discussed what organizations need to do to evolve their business strategy, employees and processes for emerging technology, in the region of Montreal. Therefore, instead of relying on another conference, we decided to host our own conference that would answer all our questions- and ultimately everyone else’s.

The Planning Phase
There were a lot of things to do and a lot of decisions to make, but there were two things we knew for sure: 1) We did not want any of the speakers to be a vendor selling a product or service, and 2) We had to decide what technology to focus on- we couldn’t talk about ALL technology.

As you may already know, we chose to focus on Artificial Intelligence for IT Vision 2018. Montreal has quickly become the AI hub of the world, inspiring thousands of researchers to flock to the city. The government is funding millions of dollars to AI research and there’s increasing talent in tech in Montreal. We would be foolish not to choose AI!

The Development Phase
As technology is changing the way we do business, it is not possible to discuss business strategy without talking about a technology strategy. Therefore, we knew the conference would help identify what parts of AI that organizations can most benefit from and would help researchers/tech enthusiasts clarify their value to their employers.

To complement both the business and technology sides of the conference, we had a great combination of AI Scientists, business founders, leaders in AI and researchers discussing topics they think will help attendees the most. See the website here.

Presentation Titles & Links:
Thriving in the Knowledge Base by Nectarios Economakis
Designing The Future by Dr. Joel Martin
Adjusting Your Business To An AI Future – Panel Discussion with Caroline Pernelle, Julie Hubert, Caroline Bessega & Gabriel Garcia-Curiel
Managing Your Organization’s Knowledge by René Witte & Bahar Sateli

Oh, those other conferences
I didn’t mention before, but there were notable characteristics we didn’t want in our conference that I think are worth mentioning. Firstly, we wanted to make it affordable, so entire teams can attend the conference without breaking the budget. Think of the last conference you attended. Did it cost as much as a luxurious vacation?

Second, we wanted to work with partners who shared similar values. This includes providing value and a delightful experience. With a little bit of work, we partnered with amazing organizations in Montreal including and not limited to Desjardins, Montreal International, and LG6 who have helped us with IT Vision.

Finally, we did not want to hold a conference of 1000 people where half of the attendees are confused and the other half are swamped with pamphlets. We wanted to hold an intimate gathering, so more people can ask questions and get the information they came for. The networking hours are not dedicated to lineups at the washroom. The intimate setting encouraged collaborations and friendships.

Last Remarks
Vector Networks is proud to host a conference with such dedicated speakers, partners, and team. We hope everyone learns, collaborates and has fun so we can do this again next year!

If you have any questions about IT Vision 2018 and upcoming events, contact Laura at marketing@vector-networks.com

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