Welcome to the new Web site

Well this has been something of a labor of love for everyone involved in it. The site was switched over on Sunday, and all credit to Philip John, our Web consultant, for the execution. I was monitoring progress from a friend’s birthday party (they’re used to it!) and saw only the briefest of maintenance messages at the start of the process.  The new site still needs plenty of refinement, but we were well past the stage where it made any sense to block visitors from all the main areas of benefit of the new site.

The new site’s structure enables us to summarize the solutions in each family more succinctly, while providing more detailed technical and feature information about the included components – many of which are shared by several solutions – in a separate set of pages.

Meanwhile, the work goes on to improve the value the site provides. In particular, a master page with all the minimum system requirements for our solutions will be added very shortly, and I’ve been promised a bunch of Vista-based screenshots to update the Asset Management Console Screenshot Gallery – but that’s another story!

Everyone at Vector welcomes existing customers and prospects, and new visitors, to the new site. Please feel free to use the Kampyle-driven feedback facility at the bottom of the page.

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