Webinar recording – SAM: Beyond Compliance

SAM is compliance, right? This webinar will dispel the myth that Software Asset Management is solely compliance. As an introduction, the webinar will provide an introduction and overview to Software Asset Management and how it fits within the context of IT Asset Management.

This webinar is valuable for those handling any and all types of IT assets in an organization, particularly the IT department. The fundamentals of Software Asset Management apply to organizations in virtually every sector, including healthcare, government, finance, education and many more. For those embarking on a SAM project, best practices for success will be proposed, helping you to minimize lifecycle costs, mitigate risk and maximize value/ROI.

Sherry is the founder and President of Technology Asset Management Inc., with more than 30 years of experience in IT asset management (ITAM). As an expert and educator in the field, her areas of expertise include license, contract and vendor management; best practices for lifecycle management of IT assets, contracts and vendors; and minimizing costs and risks while maximizing benefits related to IT investments. Sherry is an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) for selected IAITAM courses, an IAITAM Fellow, a Canadian delegate to ISO/IEC 19770 (ITAM) standards development and a TAC Expert to The Advisory Council (TAC).

Broadcast 30th March 2017

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