VIZOR for IT Pros


IT pros are often the unsung heroes of an organization. They get a copious amount of tasks thrown at them each day, and always manage to fix their colleagues’ IT hiccups on time. They can often be overworked and overwhelmed, because regardless of how large or small their team is, they must deal with any and all IT-related issues. Some IT pros worry that the quality of their work may be compromised by the quantity, but that certainly doesn’t have to be the case.

There are a number of common issues that IT pros face, as their job covers a wide range of different tasks and projects for the firm. They need to know when people start or leave at the organization so that they can properly delegate assets to the correct employees. Additionally, the maintenance and tracking of hardware in stock must be monitored at all times. Perhaps one of the most complex tasks for the IT team is ensuring that all licenses for software and hardware are legal and compliant, along with managing other challenges related to licensing. Without the licensing aspect under control, a firm can endure significant organizational and legal issues.

The ideal solution for these IT pros would be a simple and quick system to assist with managing the complexities of the firm’s assets, without blowing their budget. This is where Vector Vizor can help! Vizor allows the user to manage the provisioning requests when employees change roles or responsibilities within the organization, without having to verify the details of each individual resource. It provides a shared view of information access privileges and automates the authorization procedure.

When new employees are hired, their IT resources are determined and ordered through a standardized procedure, and they automatically gain access to their Active Directory and Exchange accounts. If an employee is terminated, the user can easily de-provision and re-allocate assets, without worrying about wasting IT assets. Additionally, security concerns are eliminated since Vizor knows when to cancel access privileges based on terminations.

Vizor makes the work of IT pros exceptionally efficient by automating the provisioning process and automatically allocating IT assets. When life is made easier for them, the IT team can have more time and money to focus on other issues or leave free for emergency issues. As a result, the entire organization is improved – and that is something worth aiming for!

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