“Unpleasant surprises” can be avoided, saving thousands

I read, with interest, this blog post which claims many business are finding BSA and SIIA audits costing them thousands because of settlement claims.

The post says expectations of some companies as to the settlement figure is far too low, resulting in “unpleasant surprises”.

These can be avoid though, as can audits in the first place, through software optimization, and the maintenance of accurate records which can demonstrate to a supplier vendor that compliance is well managed.

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of the attitude of “They’ll never bother with us”. The updated version if that is something like – “They’ll never bother with us – unless new sales have collapsed and they are trying anything to make their revenue targets.”

Audits are popular with some vendors as a means of shaking out additional revenue from the customer base, but a waste of time and resources with a customer who is already in control of their assets and software deployment.