Trends in Help Desk Technology

There are many choices these days when it comes to IT support, and the deployment model varies from organization to organization. Some choose to install software on-premise, while others opt for cloud-based or SaaS deployment. Vector offers solutions such as HelpDesk and ServiceManager that can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud. Cloud-based deployment has been growing in popularity in recent years, which comes as no surprise, given the rising reliance on communication over the Internet. This deployment model also offers long-term savings potential, as well as the ease of third-party management. Respondents in a study conducted by SoftwareAdvice showed that the primary reasons for choosing cloud deployment are lower long-term costs (18%), and lower up-front costs (15%). A 2014 Gartner Report also showed favouring of cloud-based systems, which held a 41% share of total CRM software revenues in 2013. Gartner cited the main cause of this large percentage as a need for easier-to-deploy models to replace legacy systems and provide new applications and functionality.

Surprisingly, 68% of survey respondents in this sample of IT professionals with hands-on help desk experience favour on-premise deployment. Why is this this case, despite the undeniable uprising of cloud-based management? The answer here lies in the particular reasons why a customer chooses to deploy one system over another. Those who chose on-premise deployment favoured the increased level of control and easier integration that comes with this type of system, while cloud-based respondents valued lower costs as the top two reasons for choosing this deployment model. Interestingly, both groups saw “stronger security” as a benefit, which contrasts the popular view that on-premise systems are more secure. One explanation from this may stem from a survey done by cloud services management firm RightScale, which found that the companies most likely to rate security as a “significant challenge” are those with little or no experience with cloud software.

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The last finding is promising for any firm considering a help desk system. Respondents show that help desk software improves time needed to resolve problems, first-contact resolution, and staff productivity. As such, 84% of firms have concrete plans that aim to increase help desk software investment in 2015, in order to improve service level for customers and gain an advantage over competitors through stellar CRM. Of course, this just reinforces the idea that a streamlined help system improves the overall customer experience, as well as the organization’s internal structure and abilities. For more information about what Vector can offer your organization, check out our ServiceManager solutions.

Source: from the online help desk evaluation consultancy Software Advice.

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