This Week in ITAM

Here are this week’s top stories in IT asset management news.

Can software publishers and auditors have a positive relationship?

ITAM Review dives into strategies for building bridges with auditors, by way of useful advice given by industry professionals:

“Despite your best efforts at bridge building, sometimes the vendor might behave with short-term quarterly revenue driven tactics…whilst the vendor might be acting with child like behaviour, it doesn’t mean we need to respond with child like behaviour. We can rise above it and respond with adult behaviour. In our case for ITAM teams that is trustworthy data and credible information. The answer to more harmonious relationship vendor relationships is by building a robust ITAM practice.”

Although forming a positive relationship may be easier said than done, it all comes down (not surprisingly) to a solid ITAM strategy.

Digging into managed IoT services

IoT – the hot topic in the IT world right now. In this article, Gartner discusses managed IoT services where third-party services deliver support for IoT solutions via cloud-based tools:

“A complex managed IoT service deal can be a multiyear agreement for the management of points of integration, security, infrastructure, and instances across customer premises and cloud environments that encompass the full ITIL “stack” of service operations management, including continual service improvement targets and agreements.”

Further confirmation that IoT will affect many different aspects of IT & service management.

MegaByte Act signed into law

This news is from a few weeks ago, but needs to be acknowledged: a law has finally passed that requires CIOs to implement proper software licensing & tracking policies.

“The MEGABYTE Act requires CIOs to inventory 80 percent of software license spending and enterprise licenses, regularly track and maintain licenses, and embrace metrics such as software usage data to make cost-effective decisions. The act also requires CIOs to report financial savings or cost avoidance that results from software license management.”

Looks like the push on making proper SAM a requirement for firms is finally here. P.S. – for more about the Act click here!

Take note of user management – it’s important!

Here’s some video news explaining how user profiles and allocation are a growing priority for SAM, and their associated benefits.

“If you don’t know how many users, you don’t know what access they have, you don’t know what security breaches are; and also you’re paying more than you should be paying for your licenses.”

Definitely ‘food for thought’ and a new check box to add to the list for optimal software asset management.


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