Software Asset Optimization – right for today

For a long time, Vector has promoted the idea of Software Asset Optimization as a best practice  approach to managing software assets. Our view is that management of software assets is never properly ‘joined-up’ until equal weight is given to the four elements of  

  1. Quantifying what your organization really needs. So often, this is largely overlooked because of practical challenges of finding out. For example, who really needs Office Professional rather than Standard. Indeed, who really needs Office at all, rather than just a copy of Word?
  2. Understanding what entitlements you have in the licenses you own and the accompanying maintenance status.
  3. Knowing exactly what you have installed and where.
  4.  Finally, being aware of how much of that installed software actually gets used.

I’m delighted to say that one of our papers on this is being serialized on a new IT Asset Management industry information Web site.  I’ll keep you posted on when the second installment is posted. If you want the whole article immediately, please email me and we’ll get it posted.

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