Preparing for a Software Audit

Software audits are a part of doing business that is inevitable, yet always very daunting. Preparing for a software audit can take some time, but the process becomes much simpler for organizations who have a software asset management system in place and are continuously tracking their software licenses over time. For those without a system to help track licenses, the process becomes much more complicated. We think it goes without saying that it is crucial to have a system for tracking software assets, as it makes network discovery, deployment, and lifecycle management a whole lot easier. To avoid the risk of over- or under-licensing and the associated fines from audits, check out our top tips for staying prepared.

1. Know what you have. Seems simple, right? In the absence of a software license management system, this can mean manual accounting with employees from each area of your organization, which can be, to put it lightly, very time consuming. This grueling process can be eliminated with the proper system in place to help with software management, such as Vizor Software, as well as a discovery tool. In the Vizor system, you may choose to use Vizor’s Discovery function to scan and collect software licenses on the network, or use an existing system like Microsoft System Center. Either way, this is a quick and simple way to know exactly which software assets are around, and where they are located.

2. Prove what you have. Simply knowing which licenses are on your network is not enough. Without proof of your licenses, knowing which assets are around will be essentially useless during an audit – it is imperative to have the back-up documents. Storing all documentation and certification in one central location will make life vastly easier when it comes time for an audit. Vizor Software provides a central and secure place to store proof of purchase information, so it’s ready to go when those dreaded auditors come for a visit.

3. Have a sufficient storage system. Collecting everything in one place is one of the keys to great software license management. As soon as documents become spread over multiple locations, chaos ensues! Avoid this predicament by having one place to keep all your related license information. This includes license purchases, agreements, supplier information and maintenance contracts. It’s important to note that when a license management system is installed, all of these documents should be immediately moved from wherever they currently exist in the organization, be it in an Excel spreadsheet or a Microsoft Dynamics system. Vizor can easily integrate with existing storage mechanisms for a smooth transfer, and display the necessary information alongside license entitlement details.

4. Know your effective license position. This is the easiest way to tell whether or not your organization is compliant. Keep up to date on your licenses with detailed reports to get snapshots of your effective license position at any given time. Vizor Software has various features to help you, including accurate reports detailing your position, as well as a Compliance tab for each asset that allows you to customize your license calculation parameter and over licensed threshold. All of these elements help to strengthen your effective license position for when auditors drop by.

There you have it – the easiest ways to ensure you are fully prepared for any software audits coming your way. By the way, did you know that an organization’s chance of being audited today is over 65%? That number is at an all-time high and is not going down any time soon (in fact, quite the opposite). So make sure you are ready for any and everything with proper license management and a hardworking tool in place! You can get a free, no obligation, 14-day trial of Vizor Software by simply clicking the link below.

Happy audit prepping!

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