PC-Duo remote control for Windows 7

Very rarely do we talk directly about Vector products on this blog, but I am keen to take every opportunity to let the global customer base for PC-Duo know that this product has been fully Windows 7 compatible since the version 11.6 release earlier this year. We took a while bringing this to market; there was only muted demand while we worked to optimize performance and accommodate Windows 7’s security demands, as most of our corporate customers were following their own timetables for fully evaluating Windows 7. It appears, from the search volumes hitting our Web site for PC-Duo, that that phase is nearing completion for many customers. Customers should also be aware that we supply a Web version of the Master station, which can be plugged into Vector’s (or anyone else’s!) web-based help desk.

PC-Duo upgrade deal for customers with lapsed maintenance

We know that many customers lapsed maintenance when the credit crunch first started showing over the horizon, on the basis that their existing installs were stable and not demanding of access to support or upgrade services. While we have to respect the contribution to our revenues made by our customers who have kept their annual maintenance continuous, we have managed to devise a scheme which should ease the way back for those non-maintained customers now needing to upgrade PC-Duo as they make their jump from Windows XP to 7.

We hope all customers – especially those making the Windows 7 transition in the new year – have a great 2011.

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