New Review Summarizes 19 Virtualization Players

A couple of virtualization-related events I’ve been waiting for have come through in the last few days. One is the general release of the Application Jukebox application streaming product from Endeavors Technologies.

The other is a major review of “Desktop and Application Delivery Alternatives” published by Focus Consulting.  The review provides down to earth profiling of the major takes on application virtualization, and relates them to the challenges of optimizing and managing the end-user environment. It includes 19 vendor solution summaries, principally so each one can be correctly categorized. The review can be purchased through Focus’s Web site, and to tempt you I am delighted to be able to offer the Executive Summary for free download.

Meanwhile, we are looking forward to transitioning from Endeavor’s AppExpress to Application Jukebox in our Application Provisioning solution, and I’ll be delighted to bring you our impressions as we get to know the technology more intimately.