Microsoft Audit: A Complete Response

It’s been encouraging to hear that our Software Compliance and Optimization solution recently enabled another customer to respond comprehensively to the demands of a Microsoft license audit. With over 2,000+ PCs highly dispersed across the US, it was necessary to provide evidence of reliable and recent identification of every deployment of Windows, Office and other licensable Microsoft products. As well as the basic OS and Edition, they needed the build number, and the GUID/Key/Serial number. The same applied to the Office Suites.

We also resolved an inconsistency in the way Microsoft themselves record some of the data. What we have should satisfy any demand for audit by Microsoft. Anyone concerned about a future audit from Microsoft – or any other vendor! – should get in touch. There is usually some urgency, so contact our VP Sales Kevin Kiley directly. We can provide this information on a ‘managed service’ basis, and don’t even need a permanent installation. I don’t usually use this blog for anything promotional, but in this case I think an exception is justified.