Webinar recording – ITSM and ITAM Process Glue

It was recently my pleasure to participate in a webinar hosted by one of our North American partners, KOHO Software. I would like to thank KOHO for organising the event (linked below), in which a selection of top IT service and asset management vendors each had a short time to position their solutions to an audience of ITAM/ITSM profesionnals. During the presentation I focused on a key differentiator of Vector IT Service and Asset Management solutions, what I call Process Glue. Process Glue or Provisioning Lifecycle Management or IT Business Process Management is unique to Vector’s solutions, particularly at Vector’s price point.

So what is Process Glue? Process Glue links not only the ITSM and ITAM worlds within IT but also IT to the rest of the business. To give an example, when an employee starts on a new project, Vector’s role and policy functionality ensures the employee has access to the required systems and assets in order to fulfil their role on the project. This process may include cross referencing the asset management system to determine if the required hardware assets are available in stock or if new hardware needs to be purchased. Integration with the license manager ensures the organisation has enough software licenses for the employee ensuring the organisation remains legal and compliant. After approval from line managers and resource owners the required change requests are created in the IT service desk. If IT desire they may automate some tasks such as adding the employee to the required security groups and organisational units using Vector’s Active Directory adapter.

Vector not only provides the Glue between ITSM and ITAM systems but also provides any of the systems throughout the process such as the asset manager, license manager and ITIL service desk. The flexibility of Vector’s architecture means organisations don’t need end to end Vector solutions. Vector simply integrate with other assets discovery solutions such as Microsoft System Centre (SCCM) and a plethora of helpdesk ticketing solutions.

Are your Service Management and Asset Management systems glued together?

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Dean Bates

Product Guy