ISO 19770-1 : your chance to contribute

Software Asset Management standard to be re-structured

I first referred visitors to this blog to ISO 19770-1 in a post in March 2010, and a technical briefing note generated around the same time. ISO 19770-1 sets out processes which would be implemented by an organization pursuing Software Asset Management.

The twenty seven processes outlined in the current standard are organized in three groups –

Organizational Management Processes for SAM; this includes:

  • Control Environment for SAM
  • Planning and Implementation Processes for SAM

Core SAM Processes; this includes:

  • Inventory Processes for SAM
  • Verification and Compliance Processes for SAM
  • Operations Management Processes and Interfaces for SAM

Primary Process Interfaces for SAM;’ principally:

  • Life Cycle Process Interfaces for SAM

SAM standardization: the adopting organization’s perspective

As we said at the time, not all organizations would find the entire set of processes relevant to their situation, and the standard itself makes it clear that it is not prescriptive. So, it has become clear that more could be done to make it easier for organizations to identify which processes were most important to them, and prioritize their adoption and customization to their situation.

In response, the Working Group responsible for ISO 19770-1 has evolved the standard into a new draft which presents the processes organized in four tiers. This should provide much more guidance to organizations in beginning and progressing their SAM efforts. 

Unusually, the standards organizations have permitted a much wider publication of the new draft, and public comment is being solicited between now and March 2011 – but the earlier the better. So, if Software Asset Management is going to be important to your organization in 2011 and beyond, now is your chance to comment on how the new draft will help you and your organization. Why not start at the new Web page that summarizes the ISO 19770-1 consultation project.