Enterprise Remote Control for Windows 10

The latest version of enterprise class remote control solution, PC-Duo®, now fully supports Windows 10. Support permits PC-Duo Master and Host installations on Windows 10 and remote accessibility via PC-Duo’s unique Web Console functionality using the Windows 10 Edge browser (other browsers are also supported).

PC-Duo remote desktop software has been an essential tool for helpdesk organizations for over 20 years, providing 24×7 access to desktops and critical network devices, speeding problem diagnosis and resolution. Version 12.7 supports enterprises planning upgrades to Windows 10 following Microsoft’s recent release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

PC-Duo 12.7 also includes a native macOS (OS X) on-demand PC-Duo Master enabling remote connection and session recording playback for Macintosh administrators. Improvements have also been made to PC-Duo Web Console event notifications, data export, VDI and terminal services, and remote printing.

Award winning PC-Duo is the first choice for organizations looking for an enterprise class remote control session where security and central management are key. To learn more about PC-Duo, click here.

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