Choosing the Right Adobe Creative Cloud Plan for your Business

If your organization is using Adobe Creative Cloud, you are likely familiar with the vast number of apps, features and subscription plans that Adobe offers. Selecting the right Creative Cloud plan can be difficult, especially because different employees and departments within your organization likely need different software from the suite. Many organizations tend to subscribe to the standard “All Apps” plan for ease and speed of deployment; however, this approach could result in a significant waste of funds.

When provisioning cloud subscriptions such as Adobe Creative Cloud, it is important to take the time to see which specific software different employees or departments need, as this probably varies across roles within your organization. Suppose a new employee named Anna is hired at Company X. Anna will be working in the Marketing department as an administrative assistant. While the design staff within Marketing require the full range of Adobe CC tools like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Premiere, it is unnecessary to provision this same plan to Anna in administration as she only requires one or two of the products. Adobe CC offers separate subscription plans or pay per app, so Company X will need to do some analysis on which one makes sense for each role. If an employee only needs 1-2 Adobe apps, like Anna, it makes sense to use a pay per app basis for $29.99/month per license. However, because the Business plan offers all Adobe CC apps for $69.99/month per license, it is wise to provision this plan for anyone in the organization using more than two apps (as this would make the pay per app plan go above $69.99).

The information on Adobe CC requirements for different roles can be entered in Vizor’s software asset management system, so that the system will know which Adobe plan should be provisioned to who. In the instance of Anna, her requirement for only Photoshop makes Vizor provision her a single app plan. Once her role as Marketing Admin is assigned to her in Vizor upon her arrival at Company X, Photoshop under this single plan will be automatically assigned to her. This allows Company X to save a significant amount of money that may otherwise be wasted by provisioning the “All Apps” plan to all employees and departments. It is easy to overspend on cloud subscriptions by adopting a “one size fits all” mentality, but as this is very rarely the case, take extra care to customize subscriptions based on users, roles, projects and/or departments.

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