Application Virtualization: UK market realities: Guest post

We are pleased to have pursuaded Warren Free, Business Development Manager at our exclusive EMEA partner Virtual Network Partners, to have given up some time to providing an update on their experiences in positioning application streaming to the UK market. Regular updates from Warren should enable us to track the evolution of the UK market’s attitude to application virtualisation in general. 


Everywhere you look today most people and organisations are looking at ways of saving money to get through what the media refer to as the “credit crunch”.  In our day-to-day lives this means cutting back on life’s little luxuries but what does this mean to organisations who are also having to deal with spiralling energy and travel costs?

Here at Virtual Network Partners, and in collaboration with our partners, we are focussing on assisting organisations to understand their software licensing and recommending how money can be saved through licensing optimisation.  Combining Vector’s Asset Manager and Application Jukebox, we are offering our AppVelocity service to both customers and MSPs alike.

Through speaking to businesses, it is clear that many organisations aren’t sure what is installed on their PCs or even how many licenses are being used, especially if employees home work or spend a lot of time away from the corporate LAN.  Recent research has shown that some 26% of software is being run illegally throughout the UK alone. This unlicensed software may have been installed from the end user’s own collection or simply downloaded from the internet.

Recently we have been field testing the new web-enabled IT asset management software from Vector Networks. We’ve decided it will provide what we need to be able to provide a web-based solution enabling any size organisation to quickly understand where they can save money through optimising their software licenses.  As part of the AppVelocity service the savings would be achieved through the Application Jukebox, where hosting and tightly managing a software library for those expensive but rarely used applications means they can provided to users strictly as required. We believe the AppVelocity package is ideal for those companies selling a service into organisations.

Here at Virtual we believe the ability to audit and understand application installation patterns and usage will prove to be invaluable for those organisations looking to save money in today’s business environments.