Application Jukebox – on show at Camp IT Conference, O’Hare, April 3rd.

My contacts at Endeavors Technologies Inc have confirmed that they expect to have their new Application Jukebox® streaming software running on their booth at Camp Conference’s focus on Virtualization, April 3. This would be one of the very first public showings for this streaming implementation and it would worth investigating for the significant differences it seems to offer over others on the market today, including Softgrid. Registration for the interesting looking session track and exhibition is $199 and it looks great value for a day’s exposure to ‘How To’ information. 

Meanwhile, back at base camp at Vector, we continue to provide our Software Asset Optimization toolset as the way for organizations to gain a full understanding of their current application software licensing and usage situation. We believe application virtualization projects need to start from that understanding and have clear business benefit deliverables in relation to today’s situation.

Putting in a new application provisioning infrastructure is not something that anyone is likely to do just for the hell of it.  Part of this blog’s mission is to expose both the concerns and the realised benefits as our corporate market moves stepwise into the adoption of this exciting new model of application delivery.

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