5 Reasons to Use an Asset Request Portal

Do you use an asset request portal as part of your firm’s IT management system? The idea of the portal is that employees can request the hardware and software they need themselves, through an easy-to-use portal that looks like a traditional app store. From here, the entire provisioning process of requested assets can be managed, from multi-layered approvals to compliance checks to ticket creation. Sounds pretty good, right? To break it down for you, here are our top 5 reasons to start using an asset request portal.

1. Save money by eliminating asset overspend.

Organizations without some kind of asset management program typically tend to overspend on licenses by around 20%. That’s a lot of money going to waste on assets that are not needed! The asset request portal solves this problem by ensuring that end users are only requesting assets that they actually need. Rather than managers estimating how many licenses are needed or buying multiple just to be sure, the portal provides assets only to employees that request them. Plus, these requests are only granted once the assets have gone through an approval process, which guarantees that your firm is not wasting budget on unnecessary licenses.

2. Prevent shadow IT.

Has your organization ever experienced this? Shadow IT occurs when end users sign up for online cloud solutions without first being granted IT authorization. This often stems from users simply needing hardware or software right away, and therefore foregoing the authorization process in an effort to save time and make things more simple. Currently, only 8% of companies can track shadow IT, meaning that there are tons of unauthorized applications being purchased. Prevent this issue by having all applications that employees request go through a multi-layered approval process in the asset request portal.

3. Improve the management of approvals.

In a typical IT department, requests from end users pile up very quickly, leaving stacks for the team to get through. With the asset request portal, a request is sent directly to IT as soon as the end user puts it through, making the process fast and efficient. In Vizor, the IT team can customize the multi-layered approval process to ensure that all shareholders are informed and all necessary approvals are met.

4. Increase employee productivity.

As mentioned above about shadow IT, employees are not always to blame for skipping the approval process, as they need to stay efficient and have all of the resources they need for the tasks at hand. It is common for employees to request certain assets several times or wait far too long before approval, which lowers their productivity level. With the asset request portal, end users can instantly request any asset they may need, which takes it straight to approval in real time. Once the request is in the system, everything is automated so that the asset can be approved as quickly as possible. This prevents all that time being wasted without the proper resources, which in turn significantly improves the level of employee productivity.

5. Deploy applications in a flash.

After an asset is approved in the system, helpdesk tickets or change requests can be created in Vizor’s ServiceDesk or in your existing helpdesk solution. This instantly brings the request into the system for necessary action to be taken. From here, Vizor will automatically coordinate the deployment of the application, further reducing IT’s workload and ensuring that every requested asset goes to its proper owner.

There you have it! Using an asset request portal reduces overspending and wasted assets, prevents shadow IT, and improves management, productivity, and deployment within the organization. So what are you waiting for? Get your free trial of Vizor, featuring its asset request portal, today!

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