5 Cool Things You Can Do With Vizor

What can you do to reduce the burden on IT, increase security and improve the efficiency of your processes? Oh right – we were also thinking Vizor.

With Vizor’s advanced capabilities such as Who has What, combined with Business Process Management and Automation, you can implement some interesting stuff that will save you time.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of some of the cool things you can do with Vizor, our complete IT asset & service management system. We will be covering some of these in more detail in future instalments.

1. Dream-at-night vendor access

Vendors, contractors, consultants: they all access our network every week. Organizations depend on external experts more than ever before. Unfortunately, we are not controlling their access very efficiently, which tends to result in either an increased security risk or spending too much time managing them. Some surveys indicate that the average company gives access to about 89 different vendors every week, and most of those are not managed.

Let Vizor be your personal assistant: it will give the vendor remote access, send an email when it’s ready to use and record the session. Then it will let you know when the remote access will be removed for that person, and actually remove it too.

You just have to approve the request…or you can even let someone else do the approval part.

And since the organization’s assets go beyond the internal network, the same access control of course applies to your cloud and hosted servers.

2. Provision software…while you play

It’s Saturday in the summertime. You are playing golf. Mike, a colleague, needs some help installing an application he needs for an urgent presentation he’ll be working on over the weekend.

He goes to Vizor and requests the software. You swing, you get an email to approve it, you approve, you swing again… hole in one. Done.

3. Does Elvis Presley still work with us?

We’ve all seen this. An employee no longer works with the organization yet has an active account in Active Directory. Nobody told the administrator… or maybe it was just lost in an email?

“I mentioned it briefly in the staff kitchen…”

This may have important implications for security, costs and administration. Can the user still log in? Are there orphan accounts? Some licenses are counted based on the number of Active Directory users. Let Vizor reconcile your Active Directory users against the list of actual employees. Vizor can integrate with your Human Resources system, or can use data  from an Excel or CSV file as input.

Vizor will try to match all your accounts in Active Directory against the ones in HR based on information such as first name, middle name, last name, email address and more. It will also give you a report that includes the following:

– A summary of the accounts imported and synchronized with Active Directory (AD) and Human Resources (HR) list.

– People that exist in the HR list but not in AD.

– People that exist in AD but not in the HR list.

– People that exist in both systems.

– People that may have a conflict based on partial matches.

4. Onboard new employees in a second

So, you have a new employee? She needs a network account, email address, access to systems A, B, C, D, a security badge, etc. The list can be longer if the manager is requesting additional assets. Instead of going through the tedious manual process you know, this time why not try doing…well, “nothing”?

Let Vizor take the request and, based on the job position or role, automatically create the right account and the email mailbox, reset the password, provision software and more.

Can it send an email to the manager when it’s all done? You bet. And let it take care of sending a lovely welcome email to the new employee.

Now you have to figure out what to do with all the free hours you just gained. 🙂

5. Who can edit your Facebook?

Did you know that more than 50 million businesses are now using Facebook pages? It is one of the most important “faces” your organization can give to the world, and thus controlling who can edit the content is critical.

Some organizations have several Facebook pages. Some are used to promote a product, some are used for an event, a campaign, or other. Some reach out to the community for supporting a good cause. In any case, you need a quick way to know who has access to it and a secure way to add or remove administrators as needed.

The marketing consultant created the page, but perhaps she is no longer working for the organization? Let Vizor remind you and remove the person from the list. Don’t take the risk of neglecting the management of your Facebook pages until an incident happens.

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