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The Software Savings Bill

On April 14th, 2016, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee approved the Megabyte Act, or the “Making Electron [...]

What do you know about Software Asset Management?

Understanding Software Asset Management, or SAM, can be difficult, as we are thrown tons of information around the concept an [...]

Preparing for a Software Audit

Software audits are a part of doing business that is inevitable, yet always very daunting. Preparing for a software audit can [...]

The Current State of Service Management

No matter what you call it – help desk, service desk, service management – this IT industry is growing rapidly and becomi [...]

Manage SQL Server 2005 End-of-Life

That day is here again – another software vendor is ending product support, leaving users with the task of switching over q [...]

5 Reasons to Use an Asset Request Portal

Do you use an asset request portal as part of your firm's IT management system? The idea of the portal is that employees can [...]

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Automating User Provisioning

Asset provisioning for employees is a task that often causes some pain and frustration for

Customer benefits of an open format IT asset database

IT Asset Data - natural for SQL tables The decision to publish the format of the database