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Managing Software License Documentation

Providing the relevant documentation to support your software license entitlements is an essential requirement of modern audi [...]

ITSM and ITAM Process Glue Webinar

It was recently my pleasure to participate in a webinar hosted by one of our North American partners, KOHO Software. I would [...]

Software Asset Optimization: Fast Track to Benefits

Today’s slim-line IT management teams need to be aware of the benefits that will accrue from adopting a strategy of pro-act [...]

Applying BPM methods in Software Asset Governance

Software Asset Management Managing the licensing and maintenance of an organization's software is a thankless and usually lon [...]

An IT Asset Ecosystem: update

IT Asset Management and IT Asset Lifecycle In February I reported on a request from a potential IT Asset Management customer [...]

'ITASM' - long overdue.....

IT Asset and Service Management - conflicting objectives? IT Asset Management and IT Service Management continue to exist as [...]

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The role of the Help Desk in your organization

The IT help desk as a problem fixer In an ideal world, where nothing went wrong, and all