Managing Software License Documentation

Providing the relevant documentation to support your software license entitlements is an essential requirement of modern audits. However documentation management is frequently overlooked by busy IT Managers and Software Asset Managers until the auditor arrives.

Vector suggest that understanding what documentation supports your license entitlement should be your first step. Different software vendors require different documentation as proof of purchase; contracts and license certificates are typical examples of entitlement proof, however some vendors may also require financial statements such as invoices. Other vendors may require authenticity certificates, often found stuck to the bottom of a laptop or hidden in retail packaging, to prove the installation is genuine. A single Vendor may have different requirements based on the application or service, so be sure to double check what constitutes proof of purchase for each application.

A growing number of vendors are supplying and accepting digital documentation as proof of license entitlement. Be sure to store these documents safely, don’t rely on your inbox! Vector License Manager provides a secure central repository where multiple documents can be stored in an organised and searchable manner alongside other attributes of your license entitlement. For more information on License Manager click here; a free online 30 day trial is currently available.

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Dean Bates

Product Guy