Integrating Issue Tracking with your VoIP Phone System

Excuse me publicising a product capability, but I’ve realized we do not do this topic justice on the Web site yet.  Many organizations now use VoIP to relay phone calls to their help desk analysts. Great value can be gained by providing the analyst with instant access to key data about the person or organization that is calling. Vector’s Issue Tracker can now establish browser-based connection with any SIP based VoIP telephony system, such as Cisco’s, and trigger the ‘phone system to relay the caller ID for any call made to the specific analyst extension. This enables a pop-up to be displayed to the analyst, with key information concerning the caller. Any data that is already stored in Issue Tracker can be displayed – and this may itself be data imported from other business systems such as Great Plains. The caller’s account status is a frequently requested item. The information displayed can be configured to include the list of all open issues with the caller, high priority issues, issues including recently closed, etc.

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