Vector Named in Promising Enterprise Asset Management Providers by CIO Review

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a process implemented by organizations to manage assets, procurement, maintenance schedules, and equipment in order to boost performance and ROI. Each year, CIO Review names the top 20 most promising EAM solution providers. The selection of this elite group of candidates is an extensive process, where leaders in the EAM category are further narrowed down into firms that offer the most forward-thinking, diverse solutions that go beyond accomplishing a task at hand. Innovation and leadership are top qualities of this group.

We are proud to say that Vector Networks has been chosen this year as one of CIO Review’s 20 most promising EAM solution providers! The October issue of the magazine features an interview with our very own CEO Erick Yanez. Vector was chosen as a company belonging to this leading group because of our strengths in improved visibility and optimization to ensure license compliance and streamline IT asset management. In addition to highlighting these core competencies, CIO Review recognized one of our principle goals in the asset management business: to integrate all departments within a firm, and provide optimal visibility for C-level executives.

Vector Asset Vizor is the core product reviewed in the article for its improvement of three important facets of asset management: efficiency, security, and cost. One of our star features, automatic role-based provisioning, is mentioned for its stellar capabilities in managing employee efficiency and reducing waste. The article also provides solid examples of instances where Asset Vizor would be useful to specific organizations, such as hospitals or schools. Bringing together people, assets, and locations is what Vizor accomplishes for these organizations, and it is what firms who do not have a process already in place should strive to achieve. To have Asset Vizor recommended as a solution that fulfills this goal is a high acknowledgment that we have been striving towards for the past few years.

It is always a compliment to be recognized for our efforts, which we work hard to achieve and constantly strive to make better. As a trusted source for Enterprise Asset Management solutions and advice, CIO Review is a flattering and widely recognized outlet, and we very much appreciate their careful selection of our leading company and solution.

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