Key Capabilities and Features

PC-Duo® Remote Control is a long-established, remote control solution in widespread use across all sectors of the IT community. Key capabilities which have helped PC-Duo® earn its solid reputation include its scalability through the management features of the PC-Duo® Enterprise Gateway, the strength of session recording for compliance and audit trail, and its ease of use and automated upgrade function.

PC-Duo® is also highly unusual in providing remote view and control into thin client sessions running on Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services servers. More information is available on the PC-Duo® for Terminal Services architecture and configuration. The PC-Duo agent can also be incorporated into VMware transient desktop images, with a few minutes of configuration.

Usability and features for support professionals

  • Very fast and very smooth for stress-free use over long periods.
  • Multiple View modes including ‘read-only’ for monitoring situations.
  • Multiple scaling modes to match how you want to work.
  • Multiple connections to a supported PC for collaborative problem solving.
  • Familiar, Explorer style file transfer interface is available in both Express and Enterprise variants.

Enterprise grade security

  • A high standard of encryption with 256bit AES and SHA-1 hashing, as default settings for Master-Host connections. For users of the PC-Duo® Enterprise configuration, the Gateway supports other encryption settings including 192 bit and 128 bit AES, and also Triple-DES.
  • SSL authentication becomes a cornerstone of the implementation of firewall friendliness. In combination with PC-Duo® Host now being added automatically to the Windows Firewall exception list, this means that in the great majority of instances there will be no need for any firewall port changes when installing the PC-Duo® Host to work on a remote worker's laptop.
  • Strong Windows authentication.
  • WebSocket Transport (WS, WSS): In addition to the UDP, TCP and SSL transports already available, the Gateway Server also supports WebSocket (binary WebSocket over HTTP) and Secure WebSocket (binary WebSocket over HTTPS) transports to facilitate connections through corporate firewalls.
  • Support for LDAPS: Encryption of connections between the PC-Duo Gateway and the domain controller(s) when doing Active Directory lookups.
  • Centralized logging of all remote control activity.
  • Centralized recording of nominated remote control sessions. Session recordings can be exported for replay in Windows Media Player.

Low cost to deploy, manage and maintain

  • Automated deployment.
  • Low network bandwidth demands.
  • NAT and firewall friendly.
  • The ability to work to and from remote PCs outside the corporate firewall, such as in hotels, WiFi hotspots, or simply at home.
  • Centralized management of remote control session privileges, security settings and session recordings at the PC-Duo® Enterprise Gateway.
  • The ability in PC-Duo On-Demand for Master and Host functionality to be delivered as Web services, without special privileges having to be provided.

Deployment Tool

The PC-Duo® Deployment Tool provides a family of functions for streamlining the initial deployment and ongoing maintenance of your PC-Duo® infrastructure. The four main areas of activity supported are:

  • Create default and custom configuration templates for PC-Duo® Host, and create .msi installation files.
  • Configure templates for selected basic features of PC-Duo® Gateway and PC-Duo® Master.
  • Install – or uninstall – PC-Duo® Host, PC-Duo® Gateway, or PC-Duo® Master on computers in your network. You can install the product from a Windows Installer installation (.msi) file, or using a transform (.mst) file.
  • Remotely reboot computers on your network.

Firewall Friendly

Supporting users within a LAN/WAN environment did not usually involve firewall issues, except perhaps where inter-departmental firewalls had been installed as part of internal security measures. Today however, negotiating a firewall is a commonplace issue in setting up a remote control session to a remote user. PC-Duo® responds to this need with implementation of new Web protocols for inbound connection via a firewall, and for resolution of NAT addresses. The Host can now switch its role to function as a client and establish an outbound connection through a firewall to the Gateway; the Gateway in turn manages any requests for connection from PC-Duo® Masters.

Integration with Vector HelpDesk

PC-Duo’s Active-X based Master is integrated into the Issue Overview View. Simply press the icon to establish remote control to the selected PC.

Available in these Solutions

PC-Duo® Remote Control is exploited in these IT Help Desk & Service Management Solutions

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