Knowing at all times where your assets are

Vector’s Asset Locator solution combines network and PC discovery and mapping with RFID tracking, to provide real-time information on asset location, asset audit support and asset database validation. Asset Locator projects are highly customized.

Solution Essentials

  • Asset Locator provides Vector's foundation Asset Discovery and Mapping solution, extended by integration with an RFID location tracking package chosen to match the needs of the situation. Vector Asset Locator installations are normally delivered in a start-to-finish services-based project.
  • The Asset Discovery and Mapping solution automatically surveys your network, locates and inventories PCs and network devices, and creates network topology diagrams that map PCs, printers and other networked equipment to particular ports on managed network devices.
  • This information is then extended with asset location information imported from the RFID tracking package. The solution provides static location information, and location change and exception reporting, limited only by the specification of the selected RFID monitoring package.
  • Vector Asset Locator also provides the full set of drill-down, Web-based reports that comes as standard with the Asset Discovery and Mapping solution, organised in sets around your IT asset management business needs.
  • All data is held and regularly refreshed in Vector's SQL-compatible asset management database, typically containing thousands of assets. The database supports the addition of customer-defined asset types, enabling the use of RFID tagging to be extended beyond laptops and PCs to any other asset.

Asset Locator Implementations: Professional Services

Every Vector Asset Locator project is individually tailored, based on a menu of services -

  • Management overview: assessment of objectives, identification of target assets, definition of realistic expectations
  • Preliminary study before project commitment, including budgetary costing
  • Selection of optimum RFID technology from Vector's portfolio of approved RFID partners
  • Location survey - usually carried out collaboratively with the customer's buildings management staff
  • Asset tagging
  • Commissioning and training
  • Review sessions: typically 6 month and annual
  • Start to end project management involvement - usually in association with customer project management personnel

RFID - forming a bridge between Asset and Data Security, and IT Asset and Service Management

In all cases of an Asset Locator installation, although security has been the initial driver for the introduction of RFID, Vector has been able to demonstrate how the RFID location information can add value into both asset and service management areas of IT. See our white paper that explains how.

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