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In today's justifiable climate of concern over asset and data losses, money could be spent reactively on asset and data security solutions. The pressure for action is particularly powerful for bodies that are publicly accountable. But we believe that diligence in addressing risk can be and should be accompanied with effort to achieve broader benefit from the spending of taxpayer's money.

The central proposition of these notes is that RFID and other locator technologies can serve multiple purposes. Organisations should seek to integrate location data into their IT Asset Management database (and/or their CMDB) and recognize and exploit the relevance of asset location information in their Service, Change, Event, Configuration and Asset Management processes (whether or not based on ITIL!). By doing so, organizations can use a locator technology to form a bridge between the needs and interests of desktop management and those of asset and data security. The physical security aspects of RFID technology in particular can help create this bridge, if implemented optimally.

By now we have all seen the alarming statistics about theft and loss of mobile IT assets and the even more serious issue of the consequential exposure of sensitive personal and corporate information. To make sure we don't lose sight of the seriousness, we will include some recent examples, but they are kept brief and confined to the end of these notes.

We are more interested in exploring the opportunities organizations have to respond to today's security threats and enhance their IT asset management at the same time.

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