Vector Economic Recovery Licensing Program

Welcome to the Economic Recovery Licensing Options Program

The great majority of our customers retain their Vector software installations for over six years. For anyone in this position, a permanent license with annual maintenance remains the lowest, overall, long term cost approach to using Vector software.

But we recognize that for some organizations, particularly in the current economic climate, there may be organizational or cashflow reasons for wanting to consider other options, perhaps with shorter term horizons. In particular, if your organization is seeing relentless pressure on costs coupled with reduced or zero cash for investment, then ‘Welcome!’ - this page is for you.

RoI Risk Reduction Program

No invoice unless potential savings revealed.

We ask our customers to pay for our IT Asset Management solutions because we believe they enable customers to save expense or risk of unbudgeted expense in one or more of the categories below.

  • Identifying unused software which could be redeployed to meet new user requirements without cost, or removed to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Enabling instances of under-licensing to be identified and eliminated to avoid the risk from vendor audit of punitive damages and forced license purchase.
  • Identifying PCs and laptops whose specification suggests an extended lifecycle is a practical proposition.

Our risk-removal proposal says that if you enable us to work with you during 30 days to ensure our solution is put to work effectively in your organization – which we will do for free – then we will not invoice you unless our solution uncovers potential savings in one or more of these categories. Furthermore, the decision is yours.

Pay as you go program

Achieve those extra savings - without a CapEx commitment.

Your capital budgets may be frozen, but you suspect there is scope for savings if only you could deploy the right tool. We are willing to help you realize those savings by making our ITAM and HelpDesk solutions available on short term rental terms. We are willing to take the risk that you will terminate after the first quarter's use, because we believe you will continue to rent the solution on a pay-as-you-go basis simply to continue to be able to monitor for more new opportunities to increase your IT cost-effectiveness. For customers with more than 1,000 PCs, we'll even host the software and manage its use for you in our Managed Services deal.

Case Study and Referral Programs

Spread the word and share in the benefits.

We'd love to gain your help in communicating the success of our products to a wider audience. We are pleased to award discounts on a case-by-case basis. We typically award up to 25% discount on licenses in appreciation of your help in creating a case study around your implementation of our products. If you refer a friend or contact in another organization to Vector, up to 100% of a permanent license cost could be rebated if that referral results in substantial additional business for us.

If any of these deals could make sense for you, email or phone us now on 770 622 2850 and ask to speak about the Economic Recovery Licensing options.

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