Terminal Service Concepts and Requirements

The PC-Duo® Enterprise Host can be configured to allow remote viewing & remote control of Terminal Services sessions in addition to the server console (Root Host).

This feature is available when a special license key enabling this support is installed on the Host. This TS license key will specify the number of simultaneous TS sessions that can be supported.

This feature works with Terminal Services in “administrative” mode, but is designed primarily to support “application” mode, with a larger number of different users logged into the server.

How Pc-Duo® Terminal Services Works

It is compatible with Microsoft RDP clients, as well as the Citrix ICA clients.

PC-Duo Terminal Services

Note: Because Terminal Services sessions are captured by the PC Duo Host at the Windows Server level (and not at the end user device), the PC Duo Host effectively bonds a new instance of itself to every TS session created by the Windows Server. Using this technology, PC Duo Remote Control manages to be compatible with Microsoft Terminal Services clients as well as Citrix Presentation Server (now known as XenApp) clients.

Note: PC-Duo® only supports TS sessions created on server-class Windows operating systems such as Windows Server.

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