VIZOR’s Flexible Licensing

VIZOR’s Flexible Licensing

Introducing ITAM & Service Desk licensing that is adjustable to your needs


VIZOR, the IT Asset Management and Service Desk platform, is introducing Flexible Licenses- short-term licenses without a yearly commitment.

Flexible Licenses are additional licenses that can be added and removed from your original VIZOR plan. Organizations can start using VIZOR without concerns for upcoming projects, fluctuating staff and holiday seasons. In other words, organizations do not have to know the exact number of licenses they require when they purchase the ITAM & Service Desk solution. VIZOR’s Flexible Licensing is adjustable to your needs.

Consultants, contractors, MSPs as well as the education, healthcare and government sectors will benefit from VIZOR’s Flexible Pricing as they regularly experience a fluctuation in staff members, interns or projects. However, any organization with an additional short-term need for ITAM & Service Desk licenses can save costs with these licenses.



About VIZOR: VIZOR ( provides medium-sized organizations with powerful IT Asset Management, Software License & Asset Management and IT Service Management capabilities. The integrated solution offers unique features like the automation of employee onboarding and the equipment check-in/check-out. The solution can be customized to specific needs and is available on cloud and on-premises. VIZOR is a product of Vector Networks (

About Vector Networks: An innovative IT software provider helping improve organizations around the world for over 25 years.