New Software License Allocation in VIZOR


New Software License Allocation in VIZOR

Making it easy to allocate hundreds of software licenses at a time

July 30, 2019 (Atlanta, Georgia) – Vector Networks today announced significant improvements to their Software Asset & License Management module of their product VIZOR that simplifies license allocation and reservations. The improvements will help customers keep better track of who is entitled to what license, across departments and different geographical locations.

Large quantities of software licenses can now be easily allocated to specific users or devices based on the license model of the application. Allocation allows IT departments to clearly identify which users are licensed for specific applications. License allocation also enables VIZOR’s powerful optimization features such as license recycling when employees leave.

In addition to simplifying the license allocation process, VIZOR now permits license reservations. The reservation feature allows organizations to allocate batches of software licenses to departments, specialized projects or locations. The reservations feature enables centralized management and purchasing of software licenses resulting in lower costs from economies of scale. At the same time, department and project managers benefit from the ability to allocate software licenses to users as needed.

“We’re thrilled to announce significant improvements to the license allocation and reservation functionality in VIZOR,” said Dean Bates, Marketing Director at VIZOR, “Small to large international organizations can further benefit from reduced costs by optimizing their software purchasing”

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About VIZOR: VIZOR ( is an IT Asset Management solution with an integrated Service Desk. The IT Management solution stands out with its unique Software License Management features and affordability. Developed by Vector Networks, the innovative solution has won the Vendor Landscape Award in 2017, got PINK certified in 2019, and is now being resold internationally and translated into several other languages.

About Vector Networks: Vector Networks ( is an IT software developer and distributor helping organizations around the world for over 25 years. With a focus on customers and innovation, Vector Networks has won awards for their new flagship product VIZOR that was only launched in 2017. Today, Vector Networks continues to innovate in the IT Asset Management, and Service Desk landscapes as they are dedicated to improving organizations through IT.