Key Capabilities and Features

Vector AM Hardware Inventory component is shared by all solutions in the Asset Management Solutions Group. It provides configuration information necessary for user support, configuration management and problem resolution, PC refresh planning and asset valuation.

Vector Hardware Inventory uses a range of techniques from WMI down to low level hardware interrogation to maximize detail and accuracy.

The data is accessible through a comprehensive set of Web-based reports in the Asset Reporting Portal.


Hardware Inventory employs a two stage process of data collection and analysis. A collection agent (either permanent or transient) collects raw configuration information from the PC and sends it across the network or over the internet to a collection point. This raw information is then processed away from the PC, using scheduled tasks which can be distributed to optimize processor loads and network traffic. This combination of raw data collection and offline analysis permits the highest level of sophistication in the analysis phase while minimizing the impact on the client PCs. Our customers regularly analyze hardware inventory for populations of over 10,000 PCs held in a single database. The drill-down reporting in the Asset Reporting Portal provides information at every level from organization summary to individual PC.

PC Configuration Management

Hardware Inventory organizes data into categories for easy viewing and analysis. This structured approach is particularly productive in the PC-PC comparison function in the Hardware Inventory viewer in the Administrator Console. This function provides support staff with a fast, easy to use method of comparing one PC’s configuration with another’s to determine root cause of performance problems.

The Console and the Asset Information Portal both also provide a comprehensive suite of Change History reports; any suspected exceptional changes to memory, disk, processor speed or any other key characteristics will be easy to find.

PC Refresh Planning

The Platform Analysis reports in the Asset Reporting Portal allow you to review your PCs to see which meet combinations of disk, memory, OS, IE, and other key parameters. These combinations of platform characteristics can be easily saved (and re-edited) as Vector AM Dynamic Groups – a particularly powerful capability in the Administrator Console.

The data generated by both Hardware and Software Inventory is also accessible from inside Vector HelpDesk, in Vector’s Service Management Solutions Group.

Database Extensions – non-PC Assets

Vector’s Asset Management Database supports the definition and storage of information on any other asset types. Over 30 additional IT asset types are provided as standard, and more can be easily created. Further detail is provided in the Administrator Console details.

Available in these Solutions

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PC Hardware Inventory is exploited in these IT Help Desk & Service Management Solutions

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