Key Capabilities and Features

These notes describe the key features of the template which aligns Vector Issue Tracker precisely to the special requirements of the IT HelpDesk and Service Management roles.

The Support Analyst UI

An installation of Vector HelpDesk is ready to be used, out of the box. Over many years of refinement in response to customer demands, HelpDesk has evolved an ergonomic User Interface with data segmented logically in a series of tabbed dialogs.

The tabs organise the data, contacts and actions involved in the process of receiving, resolving and recording an IT user problem. The tabs operate much as Windows dialogs, without the page refresh delays which make some Web-based tools tedious to use and inefficient. A comprehensive selection of shortcuts reduces effort and time for the analyst.

Activity Log: Issue History

Although this function is part of the core Issue Tracker capability, it is particularly popular in HelpDesk in providing an audit trail of any selected issue. The Activity Log interleaves email exchanges chronologically with other recorded actions to provide a complete history of how an issue was received and resolved.

Integration with PC Inventory

One tab in the UI is devoted to displaying PC configuration and installed software information. This data is read dynamically from any SQL-based Inventory database with a suitable data schema. Integration with Vector’s Asset Management database is automatic. Information available includes Change History for many key configuration items, as well as latest collected data. The Inventory tab view can also be configured to display information about other assets related to the PC in question. These other assets are held in the non-PC Asset extension of the AM database.

Integration with PC-Duo Remote Control

PC-Duo’s Active-X based Master is integrated into the Issue Overview View. Simply press the icon to establish remote control to the problem PC.


Vector Issue Tracker includes all the key mechanisms needed to fulfil the best practice recommendations of ITIL. The Reports provided in the HelpDesk template focus strongly on monitoring performance and identifying longer term trends in key performance metrics such as issue resolution times. Reports can look at team performance, individual performance, performance by type of issue, etc.

Available in these Solutions

IT Support HelpDesk Template is exploited in these IT Help Desk & Service Management Solutions

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