Frequent configuration change is a feature of any growing and dynamic organization and must be tightly managed if disruption is to be avoided. Vector’s Change Manager Pro ensures all stakeholders in the change processes are involved in following rigorous change management processes. Change Manager Pro integrates with the Asset Manager Pro database to help regulate changes in desktop configuration and application detail.

Solution Deliverables

  • Vector Change Manager provides organizations with a process management framework customized to deal with the initiation, planning, execution and verification of any change.
  • The essence of change management, as established in numerous best practice guides such as ITIL or Cobit, is disciplined involvement of every stakeholder in the change. Vector Change Manager provides the discipline through its issue management, configurable workflow and escalation functions.
  • A comprehensive audit of the process of any managed change is produced, including work history and email exchanges between the issue change manager and individual contributors and stakeholders.

Solution Highlights

  • Change Manager is Web-based and particularly suited to organizations in which change management stakeholders are mobile and/or remote.
  • Change Manager is scalable to involve hundreds of change stakeholders and contributors.
  • For maximum effectiveness in Change Management of IT configurations, Vector Change Manager can integrate with any SQL-accessible IT asset or configuration database, such as that created by the Asset Manager Pro or Asset Discovery and Mapping solutions.
  • Change Manager employs the full capability of Vector's Issue Tracker engine, including
    • Customizable UI
    • Email integration
    • Multiple SLA support
    • Public self-service mode
    • Issue audit trail
    • Team Working
    • Role-based access to data
    • Time and event-based escalation
    • Reporting and trending

SLA support is more commonly associated with support and service management, but is very useful in the change management context in ensuring that contributors to the process carry out their tasks within prescribed times.

Issue Tracker supports hierarchical organization of sub-processes, and workflow automatically triggers progression from one sub-process to the next.

Team working enables sub-processes such as change implementation piloting and testing to be allocated to a specialist group that can deal with it in the most efficient manner.

Solution Components in Change Manager

  • Change Manager is a particular application of the generic Issue Tracker framework.
  • Change Management Template for Issue Tracker - specific configuration and features for the Change Management role.
  • Please contact our solution specialists by calling +1 770-622-2850 to discuss your requirements, so we can provide you with an initial Change Manager template that is as close as possible to your needs.

Complementary Solutions

Vector Change Manager can integrate tightly with any SQL-based asset information database with accessible data tables, such as the Vector Asset Management Database in Asset Manager Pro. Vector recommends strongly that IT Configuration Change Management is always integrated as tightly as possible with the IT Asset Management function.

Change Manager is based on the generic Issue Tracker engine, which is licensed per concurrent user. A user can therefore access any number of applications created around the Issue Tracker framework, such as the incident management capabilities of Vector HelpDesk, through a single concurrent user license. Access is controlled through logon to each application through the Issue Tracker logon screen.

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