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HelpDesk and Issue Tracker User and Contact Management

Enhanced Users and Contacts Management

Users and Contacts management offers enhanced functionality and configurability, in addition to a more standard user interface. New fields are now available out-of-the-box, such as multiple Telephone fields, multiple Address fields, multiple E-mail fields, separate display name and first/last names, Microsoft Dynamics/Great Plains ID (available for integrations with Microsoft Dynamics Contacts).

In Issue Tracker 6.0, we introduce Users and Contacts Web views, enhancing searching capabilities and allowing your organization to give limited access to managing certain accounts for specific users. All the power and flexibility of regular Web views is now available for managing Contacts.

The integration with Active Directory users and contacts has been extended and it includes some new fields out-of-the-box, such as Company, Department and Telephone.

Quick Contact Details Dialog

A new quick contact information dialog is accessible from any user, contact or company field, in all Web views, ensuring the most important contact and user information is always one click away. As soon as the dialog opens, it will show all open issues of the contact or company, with the ability to also query for closed issues and more.

Additional features such as Show Address on Map, Profile Photo, Show Caller ID (when integrated with a phone system) and the convenient link to easily create or update contacts, greatly improve on usability and response times.

Administrators can easily configure the content of the quick contact information dialog to match the needs of different users, showing only the authorized information.

Companies and VARs

Companies and Value Added Resellers (VARs) are better supported out-of-the-box. By default, if the Company Name is entered, the Contact list will be filtered to only show contacts that belong to the selected company. The same functionality is also available by default for the new fields VAR Name and VAR Contact.

HelpDesk and Issue Tracker Security

SSL over POP and SMTP

Security has been improved by adding support for SSL over POP, mainly used for processing incoming emails, and SMTP, for outgoing e-mails. This functionality is particularly important for distributed organizations that have e-mail servers outside the data center.

Public and Protected Knowledge

Knowledge Base views have now the capability to easily segment information as either public or protected, as well as allowing for different types of articles or information depending on the content or any other categorization. Therefore, users logging on to the knowledge base will only be able to view the articles available to them, with access to additional information and articles that are uniquely tailored to their role and responsibilities.

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