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Issue and Workflow Management - 2

RMA Tickets

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) tickets are now supported. Out-of-the-box, you can track all the steps of the return process in the RMA ticket. The date the return was issued, the invoice with returned products, the repair estimate, the item receipt, etc.
RMA tickets keep track of all transactions concerning the returned items, linked to your customers and support tickets.

HelpDesk - Issue Tracking and Resolution Surveys

HelpDesk v6 has the capability of offering surveys out-of-the-box. Once a ticket is closed, the end user will receive a unique URL that points back to a survey regarding their experience and satisfaction. Because each email will contain a unique URL, the end user will not have to enter their name or a ticket number. Instead, the survey will be pre-loaded with that data and the end user will only have to answer a few quick questions using a simple pre-formatted template. All questions and even the number of questions will be easily configurable so clients can make changes to the surveys when needed. Most importantly, the functionality will be very versatile and need not only be employed this way.

HelpDesk Issue Questionnaire

A customer could use this survey tool as a follow up to the initial ticket submission to get more information, i.e. I send an email to the HelpDesk saying that my important application won't load. The system could respond with several questions that help isolate the issue and appropriately direct the ticket to the best technician for the problem. To provide full control on this functionality, a new Survey view type has been added as well as Rating field types with unique, user-friendly UI (two modes: 5 Stars or X and Tick).

Change Management

The new Change Management solution based on v6 Issue Tracker solution is aligned with ITIL and it ensures that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to the controlled IT infrastructure, in order to minimize the number and impact of any related incidents upon service.

It ensures that all stakeholders in the change management process are appropriately involved in identifying the need for change, planning for and executing the change. Changes can be anything from a bug fix to be rolled out to a handful of PCs, to a major configuration overhaul, to a complete platform replacement.

Change Management is also linked to HelpDesk tickets, Incidents Management and Problem Management hence providing a holistic view of IT service operations.

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