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Email integration in Vector Issue Tracker and Helpdesk: details

This page summarizes the role played by email integration in Vector’s Issue Tracker engine, which is the foundation for the high level Issue Tracker and IT HelpDesk solutions.

Mailbox Workflow

The key function of Mailbox Workflow is rules-driven automation for creating issues and assigning them to the optimum teams, based on incoming email content.

You can create rules for linking e-mails to issues, for sending automatic e-mail responses and to automatically modify the priority or progress of issues from incoming e-mails.

Configure your system to automatically handle an issue with highest priority if it was sent from a VIP sender.

Create rules for ignoring specific e-mails or SPAM messages so they are not converted to issues neither added to the general queue.

Control your e-mail pipeline with due dates automatically set according to your schedules for each department.

Multi-server E-mail configuration

All Issue Tracker based solutions such as the IT support HelpDesk include a Web based interface for managing incoming e-mails from different accounts and different e-mail servers. Integrate with one or several e-mail servers regardless of their location.

Remotely configure your mail settings and manage rules and actions from anywhere.

Activity Log

The Activity Log provides all the information about the actions taken to solve the issue in a comprehensive and simple way, and includes the header and first lines of all emails associated with the incident, blended chronologically with the action records.

Readily available and conveniently displayed in an integrated timeline, the Activity Log increases efficiency and reduces the time spent in solving incidents and problems. The Activity Log eliminates the highly inefficient task of going back and forth between applications to check information about the issue and the correspondence with the customer or end user (contact). It removes the need to look for other people’s e-mail in order to follow up the issue.

Similarly, issues can be re-assigned to other analysts, knowing that the new person will have easy access to all the history and communication.

With Vector HelpDesk, and any other Issue Tracker based solution, you have complete and simple access to all the information about the issue, the contact and the correspondence in chronological order, regardless of whether it was exchanged with you or with other employees.

Email Conversation: View and manage e-mail conversation in the issue

The Email Conversation dialog allows you to view the entire email history of an issue and provides functions for the management of incoming and outgoing email. Automatically attach all incoming and outgoing e-mail conversation to the related issue. Ensure e-mail responses back from users are part of the existing issue or ticket. Use email Templates (see below) to speed up email generation. Automatically or manually create call tickets from new e-mails that arrive into mailboxes. Regardless of who sends e-mail to HelpDesk, you can access it from anywhere through the Web.

Search issues based on e-mail content

Increase your helpdesk productivity exponentially by unlocking the knowledge held in other issues, using text search of issues or tickets based on text that was included in related e-mails.

E-mail Templates

Email templates enable you to define standard responses and canned text for rapid responses to common questions. They therefore help reduce repetition and human error in the e-mail management and response process. They facilitate clearer, more consistent and faster communication to boost customer service.

Support staff productivity benefits as staff spend less time writing e-mails and more time solving issues.

Use e-mail templates to keep standards, style and quality of your e-mails, while being able to personalize the e-mail templates by using macros.

User-Requested Status Report by E-mail

Built-in auto-reply e-mail allows Users or Contacts to quickly check the status of their issues in a simple way and without the assistance of support personnel.

Customize the content of the status reports with the powerful e-mail editor and macros.

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