Software Distribution and State of the Art Application Streaming

This is a bundled package that includes Vector Software Distribution and Application Streaming solutions for a complete PC configuration update capability. Software Distribution will run any privileged silent install without interrupting the user, while Application Streaming provides an alternative mechanism for supplying specialized applications on-demand.

Solution Deliverables

The Software Provisioning Pro solution enables organizations to begin the process of application virtualization while retaining control of user PC configurations. Using this solution you can -

  • Continue to maintain standard desktop software platforms using conventional, centrally enforced, software deployment methods. System software updates, driver updates, A/V updates, security fixes – elements of the PC’s software which must be installed natively to the operating system.
  • Deploy user applications and application updates natively using standard, off-the-shelf installation kits and processes (MSIs etc).
  • Introduce a mode of application virtualization technology to facilitate dynamic deployment and redeployment of selected applications through streaming to a virtual run-time environment.

Solution Highlights

Boardroom Bullet-points
These discussion points may help position Software Provisioning Pro to your boardroom colleagues.
  • Most organizations have grown up with using permanently installed PC applications, delivered to desktop PCs by one or more software distribution mechanisms. Stability of the desktop PC is all-important and so system managers also typically prefer to use conventional, centrally controlled software deployment to maintain standard desktop platforms.
  • Alternative architectures which require application processing power to be relocated into a server farm are still capital intensive, and unless desktop PCs are discarded and replaced by very thin client devices, the power consumption of the desktops is still there, as is the need to manage and maintain the desktop OS and its security.
  • Other approaches to application virtualization are now under serious consideration in many organizations to see whether they can deliver a holy grail of maximum availability at minimum cost and low infrastructure overheads.
  • Application streaming does not attempt to do away with local desktop processing power. Nor in the case of Application Jukebox does it duplicate it in a server farm. Rather, it introduces a radically different way of delivering the required application software to the desktop, eliminating many of the administration overheads and license wastage associated with traditionally installed applications.

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