Vector License Manager

Vector License Manager for Software Vendors is a special edition of Vector’s license management solution specifically for software developers and vendors.

  • Protect your software application with secure license keys.
  • Prevent piracy of your software application.
  • Sell your software online with our fully automated solution.
  • One price. No royalties.

“looks at all aspects of the software licensing process, it does not focus only on the generation and validation of codes, it is instrumental in product upgrades and especially in controlling the maintenance plan.”


Vector License Manager for Software Vendors is an ideal for solution software vendors who need to quickly add license key support to their products. Both evaluation and permanent license keys can easily be generated. Adding licensing support to your application is a simple 3 step process, simply define your products in License Manager, generate license keys and modify your application to capture and validate a license key.

Trial keys and Computer Bound keys

Easy to use license manager that creates professional and secure license keys to protect your application against piracy. Creates trial keys, machine bound keys and online activation keys.

Programming languages and devices

Protects .NET applications, ASP.NET, VB6, C++, Delphi, Java, MS-Access, MS-Excel, Outlook add-ins, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8 Store and much more.

Online activation and full license tracking

Provides a complete license management console. Track and manage all your license keys as well as your customer information. Online activation is provided with an ASP.NET license server that stores license information in a database.

e-Commerce Integration

Integrates seamlessly with the ordering process of leading eCommerce providers and can automatically issue license keys when a purchase is made online. Integrations include FastSpring, BlueSnap, ShareIt, Regnow, SWREG, Paypal, Google Checkout, Avangate, Cleverbridge, UltraCart.

Subscription Licensing

For subscription based software, issue keys that expire after a period of time. Renewing a subscription can easily be automated from your eCommerce provider.

Email Notifications

Send scheduled customized email messages to your customers to notify them of specials and/or upcoming releases.


Track installs and uninstalls of your software to assist you in understanding customer behavior and improve download trends.


Allow your affiliates to generate license keys for their customers while providing you total control over the number and type of license keys they can create or see.

Example usage code

Integrating Vector License Manager for Software Vendors in to your application is quick and simple even for complex licensing scenarios such as floating license enforcement. In this example if all licenses have been consumed by other nodes, the QlmFloatingLicenseViolationEvent is fired. When this event is fired, you simply decide what action to take in your application, for example display a message or quit.

QlmFloatingLicenseMgr floatingLicense = new QlmFloatingLicenseMgr();
floatingLicense.QlmFloatingLicenseViolationEvent += new

public void OnFloatingLicenseViolationEvent(object sender, QlmFloatingLicenseViolationEventArgs e)
 MessageBox.Show("License violation detected. Status: " + e.Status); 

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