Configuration Manager

Vector’s Network Discovery meets a key requirement in the mid-range market for economic, easy to use, multi–vendor network device discovery.

  • PC network discovery scan.
  • SNMP device discovery and inventory.
  • Network mapping and topology.
  • Export to Microsoft Visio.

“Vector offers a rich feature set for its price point, along with strong usability scores.”

PC Discovery

Vector’s PC Discovery is a low-touch process designed to create a simple catalog of PCs to be reference by higher level Components such as Inventory, Application Package Policy Manager (PPM), Software Usage Monitoring and Software Distribution.

PC Discovery also enables customers to invest in selected Vector solutions without necessarily duplicating the results of an incumbent inventory product or in-house method. For example, the PC name, OS and IP address delivered by PC Discovery is enough to enable several customers to exploit Software Distribution for rapid, flexible deployment of configuration updates. Software Distribution can of course exploit the rich data which Vector’s PC Hardware Inventory and PC Software Inventory Components deliver to the Vector IT Asset Database, but it can function without. The PC Discovery process can also install the multi-function Vector Asset Management agent, but the functions performed by the agent are pre-defined, and can be restricted to no more than the initial OS and IP discovery.

SNMP Device Discovery

Network device information is made available in a special section of the AM Console tree view. The richest information will come from fully SNMP-enabled devices. Sophisticated analysis techniques not only build a map of your network topology, but will also – dependent on the extent to which intelligent network devices are being used – identify precisely which physical port each networked item (PC, printer, VoIP phone) is connected to.

The Asset Reporting Portal provides Web-based access to the Network Device Asset Information reports. Given the popularity of MS Visio™ in compiling network documentation, Vector AM exports network maps in Visio format.

Vector Asset Vizor

Vector Asset Vizor supports the definition and storage of information on any other asset types. Further detail on Vector Asset Vizor click here.