Key Capabilities and Features

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Application Jukebox Enterprise Edition comprises three main elements -

  • Application Jukebox Studio creates streamable and virtualized application sets from an original installer.
  • Application Jukebox Server controls and delivers those applications to the clients, on-demand and instantly.
  • Application Jukebox Player runs on the client machine, managing the interaction with the applications and creating a virtual environment to execute the application.
  • Application Jukebox typically streams only the application functions that are required when they are needed - enabling the user to launch the application and begin to work with it in seconds.
  • Application Jukebox can also be configured to deliver the entire application while the user is already working with the streamed components.
  • Application Jukebox leads the market in providing streamed applications that are fully able to interact on the target PC. Other streaming implementations contain each application to a degree that prevents such interactions.
  • Application Jukebox’s configurable virtualization enables both integrated and isolated application virtualization, plus any combination in between the two, providing maximum flexibility.
  • As applications are streamed to client PCs and managed within Application Jukebox’s virtualized application environment it is impossible for users to copy and deploy them to additional devices.
  • When application updates and patches are released, only the differences need to be published to the Application Jukebox server for immediate streaming to the client.
  • Address conflicts are eliminated through the functionality of the virtualized application environment.
  • PCs can be completely re-installed in minutes by streaming a complete system configuration automatically, without IT having to visit each PC.

Application Jukebox Enterprise Edition is the next generation of application virtualization and streaming software, designed to deliver any Windows® application instantly to any client, anytime, from anywhere, without the need for software download or installation.

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