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Terminal Services tab

PC-Duo Host can be configured to allow remote viewing and remote control of one or more simultaneous Terminal Services sessions, as well as the Terminal Services server console.

PC-Duo Host Control Panel

A standard PC-Duo Host with a special TS license key must be installed and configured on the server console to serve as the "root". When a new Terminal Services session is started, it will execute the Startup procedure inherited from the server console, which includes a task to start a Host service. PC-Duo Host will distinguish the session from the server console and start up a Host service specifically for the session.

The root maintains a Terminal Services template to hold the Host configuration settings for these Host service instances (in this way, the Host settings for the root may be different than those specified in the TS template). To view or edit this template, go to the Terminal Services tab in the root Host Control Panel and click on Configure.

Note: You must first configure a standard Host to be the root. This is done by entering a special license key that will enable the Host to support a specified number of simultaneous Terminal Services sessions.

PC-Duo Host Terminal Services Settings

Most of the configuration options are the same as those available on the standard Host Control Panel, although the About and Status tabs are not present because the settings on these tabs are not directly applicable to TS session Hosts.

PC-Duo Host Control Panel

Once the Host service for a specific Terminal Services session is started, you can view the effective settings for this Host service by clicking on the Host Control Panel icon in the TS session:

Note: The title bar shows the session number. Each root Host is capable of supporting as many simultaneous sessions as the license key allows.

You can view information about the root Host by selecting Connect to root. The Control Panel for the root Host will appear.

The configuration information in the Control Panel for terminal session Hosts is view only because the settings are based on the settings in the root Host Control Panel.

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