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HelpDesk and Issue Tracker User Interface

Reports, Layouts and Sorts per Web view

Administrators can easily define in the Web View Editor what Reports, Layouts and Sorts will be available per Web view.
A default query, sort and layout to be used by all users can be also specified per Web view.


Issue Tracker introduces the simplest way to create, manage and evolve FAQs, taking advantage of the well-known capabilities of security, configurability, and control of data published. To support this functionality, a new FAQ type of view has been created, where administrators can customize the fields that appear in the FAQ, and make changes to the layout.
FAQs have built-in searching, in addition to the simple listing. FAQ views list questions, rather than issues. When you click on one, it expands right there in the summary list. The view does not have an Issue Details pane.

Auto-Refresh Summary List

In the Web views, you can now make the Summary List refresh automatically; great for monitoring activity or used as a console. The refresh rate can also be specified for greater control.

Web View Tab Text

Administrators can now easily display custom rich-formatted text at the top of the first tab of the Web view. The functionality includes a new attribute for specifying a CSS class to use for the text.

New Web View Field Attribute: Caption Span

Caption Span works similar to Column Span. If you have a Caption Span of 2, and a Column span of 1, the field's caption will take up the majority of the horizontal space available, whereas the actual control will appear to the extreme right of the page, taking up less space. A good example of this can be seen in the Survey view.

Delete Issues from the Web view

User with the necessary permissions can now delete issues right from the Web views.

AutoSuggest Options as you type

The new AutoSuggest feature makes it easier for users to select values in single choice fields, especially those having many options such as contacts, countries and cities. When enabled, it converts the single choice dropdown to a textbox that automatically filters and shows the options as you type.

Option for filtering inside the selected query results or not.

A very convenient option when using the summary list and searching for specific issues allows the user to search within the results or search in all issues, without having to pre-select any query.

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